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Breakthrough in the field of drug rehab

The biochemical discovery

That is the breakthrough that now makes handling drugs and addiction possible where so many earlier methods have failed?

An individual perceives much of existence through the sensory channels of the body. The body is a communications center for the spiritual being — the person himself — with the brain acting as a switchboard for translating thought into action. The biochemical actions of drugs alter the normal operations of this pattern, often with harmful or even disastrous consequences. People under the influence of drugs, even if taken years before, can be in a “wooden” state — unfeeling, insensitive and not capable or trustworthy.

Where the object of spiritual betterment is to increase awareness and rational mental activity and to make individuals more able in all aspects of their lives, progress is directly blocked by drugs.

International studies have confirmed the efficacy of the Hubbard detoxification method.

L. Ron Hubbard researched this barrier to spiritual freedom long before it was recognized by others as the major social concern it is today, and his work yielded a truly effective handling for the adverse biochemical effects of drugs and other toxins.

Among his significant discoveries was that residues from drugs and other toxins lodge in the fatty tissues of the body and stay there, even years after they have been ingested, and these residues can continue to affect the individual adversely long after the effect of the drug has apparently worn off.

Such deposits can cause lowered perception, tiredness, confused thinking and a host of other symptoms — all of which impede achieving increased spiritual awareness and ability.

Realizing that this biochemical factor had to be handled before an individual could achieve lasting spiritual gain, Mr. Hubbard devised what independent researchers acknowledge as the safest, most effective — and only — detoxification procedure of its kind: the Purification Program.

Developed to address the biochemical barrier to spiritual gain, the Purification Program is a carefully designed regimen of exercise, nutrition and sauna use which dislodges drug residues and other toxins from the fatty tissues so that these substances can then be eliminated from the body. A person undergoing this programme is closely monitored by specially trained personnel in liaison with medical doctors to ensure that each aspect of the programme is conducted precisely and the desired benefits are attained.

Once the person has been freed from the harmful effects of these drug residues and other toxins, he is in a far better position to improve as a spiritual being. And this is a state to which many thousands have attested.

While Mr. Hubbard developed his program in 1980 to enhance spiritual development, it was evident that the same method was effective in treating chronic drug addiction. Thus, Narconon adopted it as part of its rehabilitation program.

In the wake of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster, Mr. Hubbard’s detoxification methods were employed and successfully reduced physical accumulations of radioactive particles in Russian victims located within the fallout zone of the reactor, as reported in clinical trials.

News of Mr. Hubbard’s breakthrough soon reached the scientific community. It became evident that the same methods could be used effectively to address a variety of toxic exposures. Thus, important studies embarked upon over the past two decades have provided repeated evidence of the program’s efficacy in eliminating toxins from the body. Its positive detoxification results have been experienced by people the world over — in secular programs ranging from victims of the Chernobyl reactor disaster, to rescue workers exposed to high levels of toxins and pollutants following the collapse of the World Trade Center.

In the state of Michigan in the United States, the accidental contamination of cattle with a toxic fire retardant resulted in 97% of the state’s population having detectable amounts of the retardant in their fatty tissues a full five years later. In 1982, a group was put through the Purification Program. Tests before and after showed a toxin decrease of over 20%. A follow-up examination four months later proved even more significant: Levels of toxins continued to decrease after the program had been completed and showed an average decrease of more than 40%.

New York rescue workers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians, suffering from excessively high levels of toxins encountered during their 9/11 rescue efforts, have been treated successfully by the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, which also employs Mr. Hubbard’s methods.

Similarly, in 1983, independent researchers conducted tests on a woman who had done the Purification Program after heavy exposure to industrial contaminants. The study noted, “Removal of the toxic substances from her system was accompanied by remission of her subjective complaints as well. She no longer felt the extreme tiredness, malaise and lethargy she had been experiencing since her exposure.”

These early results generated interest from medical and biochemical authorities and, consequently, in study after study through the years, Mr. Hubbard’s research has been validated.

Among the numerous correlative studies was one headed in 1995 by the Research Center for Chronic Pain and Dependency Disorders. Monitoring the rehabilitation of cocaine and Valium addicts using Mr. Hubbard’s technology, researchers found that the detoxification procedure resulted in previously undetectable drugs appearing in both the urine and sweat of former drug users.

The workability of the Purification Program has been experienced by people on every continent. Many who have completed the program report that, along with the eradication of any craving for drugs, they are able to see or hear better than before, can study effectively for the first time, are able to learn new subjects much more easily, get along better with people, appreciate what is going on around them and generally feel healthier and happier.

The entire program is fully explained in the book by L. Ron Hubbard, Clear Body, Clear Mind: The Effective Purification Program.

  1. doubtingthomas426
    February 3, 2008 at 12:18 pm

    Greetings, I am an Atheist and have a blog site dedicated to cataloging all my observations and questions regarding the bible and Christianity. Recently, a Christian who regularly comments on a number of my posts (whiteman0o0) left a response to one of my questions that disturbed me a great deal. When discussing the topic of free will, I brought up a few examples of people with behavioral issues, mental disorders, as well as people with substance abuse issues and specifically those belonging to treatment organizations such as Alcoholic’s Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Whiteman0o0 argued that all of these people still had free will and could have still made a choice to not behave in the way that he would consider sinful. I strongly disagreed with him and am looking to get some people who have had some experience with these issues to respond to whiteman0o0’s comments on my blog.

    This is the page where whiteman0o0 left his response:


    I am urging, pleading with anyone that is willing, to please visit this page, read the comments starting January 30th (you can ignore the original post), particularly mine (DoubtingThomas426) and whiteman0o0’s, and whether you agree with him or not, please leave a comment addressing this issue. I truly appreciate it.

    Thank you and I apologize for taking up space on this page with my plea.



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