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How Electric Shock (Electroshock) “Works”

1. The patient is injected with an anesthetic to block out pain and a muscle relaxant to shut down muscular activity and prevent spinal fractures.

2. Electrodes are placed on the temples bilaterally (from one side of the brain to the other) or unilaterally (front to back on one side of the brain).

3. A rubber gag is placed in the mouth to keep teeth from breaking or patients from biting their tongues.

4. Between 180 and 480 volts of electricity are sent searing through the brain.

5. To meet the brains demand for oxygen, blood flow to the brain can increase as much as 400%. Blood pressure can increase 200%. Under normal conditions, the brain uses a blood-brain barrier to keep itself healthy against harmful toxins and foreign substances. With electroshock, harmful substances leak from blood vessels into the brain tissue, causing swelling. Nerve cells die. Cellular activity is altered. The physiology of the brain is altered.

6. The results are memory loss, confusion, loss of space and time orientation and even death.

7. Most patients are given a total of 6 to 12 shocks, one a day, three times a week.

Ask the foremost psychiatrists and they have no explanation to justify why or how their treatment works. It is literally as scientific as sticking ones head in a light socket. Do it often enough and you will become disoriented, confused, lose your memory or even die. Same result as ECT—but it will cost you a lot less.

For more information:

The Brutal Reality

  1. September 7, 2008 at 1:26 pm

    I Was lied to by my psycharitrist. He told me ETC was absolutly harmless,and would not damage my brain in anyway. He told me I would not be released from the Hospital until I Signed a paper giving them permission for the ETC treatment. My husband at the time was undergoing chemo for colon cancer that had spread to his liver. We were told He had 6 mounths if he took the chemo. so we had no choice but to try.This was 10 years ago. The ETC treatments distroyrd my life,as well as my brain. I have a hard time spelling even the simplist of words. I even have a hard time makinging out a grocery list.My memory is mostly gone when it comes to day to day remembering. Worst of all ,All my horrenderous memories of childhood remain quite intacked. Would you beleive I graduated at the top of my class in High school.All through out my4 years of college. My grade point average never fell below 3.98. I was a chemical engineer for a large company. Also after the treatments I know have a very hard time speaking because of servere stuttering. My life was completely destroyed by ECT and psychiatrist ignorance.I pray each night that God have mercy on me and let me die in my sleep.By the way the psychiatrist charged my insurance company $52,OOO. for this distruction of my brain.My brain is now damaged and containes what in laymans terms is described as spaces. Guess What I can’t even file charges.because of my written,even though forced concent. psychiatrists need to be stopped and closely monitored. I have so much more to report.There is so much the public is unaware of. The big problem is no one listens to anyone who has ever been labled mentally ill. Something needs to be done. D.S.

  2. James Zumwalt
    April 26, 2009 at 1:43 pm

    Psychology is currently an evil that pervades us. Instead of serving to strengthen our community, it serves to weaken it with the debilification, and destruction of it’s defenseless victims. Doctor’s serve to merely subdue, and disable humanity, and it’s citizens in general. The ill doctrined, and evil organization of the APA apparently seeks nothing other than the condemnation of all moral humanity. Doctors need to be put in their place as subordinate servants to the moral needs of the community.

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