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Our U.S. Military: Betrayed and Drugged

“Psychiatrists under contract with the Veteran Affairs—in my opinion—are legal drug dealers who almost took my life.”
– Former Marine Scout Sniper

By Shane Ellison
Award-winning scientist, Masters Degree in Organic Chemistry
March 31, 2010

Chad was a Marine Scout Sniper who served two tours in Iraq. Upon being honorably discharged as a Sgt. in 2007, he summoned the courage to ask for help in dealing with the images and emotions that gnawed on him from being dropped into combat. Like so many of his peers, the help he was given was  “meds.” Although Chad was used to putting his life at risk, he never expected that his life would be more directly threatened by the “treatment” he was offered—psychiatric drugs.

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  1. jensen parr
    January 30, 2011 at 7:58 am

    I was discharged honorable for major depression with psychotic features. After being medevac’d from Afghanistan, I learned that I had an untreated blood pressure pain in my shoulder. It affected my mood, sleep, and irritability. While I was asked what my pain level was, there were never any tests to find and identify the source of my pain. Instead, they reccomended prozac to treat what they first called chronic depression. After looking at my family background and manic episode, one psychiatrist said I had bipolar disorder. But I was wrong about my family background: no family members have bipolar disorder; in fact, my aunt was misdiagnosed as bipolar before she had it changed. Now my uncle is depressed, but he suffers from addiction to marijuana and nerve pain. Because he can’t sleep, he seems high all the time, while he smokes only rarely. Psychiatrists should look at diet and drugs, whether legal or illegal in considering causes before ignorantly assigning events to chance. There may be a reason for everything, but they don’t want to even look at the other factors, relevent medical facts.

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