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Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Documentary

October 29, 2007 Leave a comment

Children are the future,
but psychiatry is making sure
20 million wont have one

by prescribing them psychiatric drugs. These drugs are so dangerous that government authorities have issued black box warnings of mania, hostility, suicide, stroke and sudden death. 20,000,000 means more children taking potentially lethal psychiatric drugs than the entire populations of Australia or Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Finland combined.

Think psychiatry has nothing to do with you?
Think again.

Through rare historical and contemporary footage and interviews with more than 160 doctors, attorneys, educators, survivors and experts on the mental health industry and its abuses, this riveting documentary blazes the bright light of truth on the brutal pseudoscience and the multi-billion dollar fraud that is psychiatry.

We think you have the right to know the cold, hard facts about psychiatry, its practitioners and the threat they pose to our children.

Order Psychiatry: An Industry of Death documentary and companion brochure. Distribute it to othersassociates, family and friends.  Warn them about psychiatrys damaging treatments.  When you watch the DVD you will be outraged and will want to act to end these abuses.

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