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Is Your Child Being Given psychological Questionnaires in School?

November 7, 2007 Leave a comment

Psychological Questionnaires: Examples

Most parents have little knowledge of the types of programs or questionnaires that can be given to their child without their consent.

Under such programs, children and teenagers can be asked to fill out invasive and upsetting questionnaires, about such topics as death, sex, family relationships, self esteem or other non-academic matters that can be in and of themselves damaging to the child simply by being asked.

Following is a small sample of questionnaires and tests being used in American schools.

Psychological questionnaire - It's all my faultIts All My Fault

This test asks the child to think of as many ways as you can to make each of the following events all your fault.

Questionnaire - Stress ChecklistStress Checklist

A questionnaire that causes children to think about such things as if they are stressed because they are not accomplishing anything, not popular, dont fit in, dont like the way they look, or have a drinking or a drug problem.
Questionnaire - Stress Checklist 2 Signs of Stress

Children are told that they are to look over a list of items that describe kids and then check which apply to them. The list includes I think about sex too much, I see things that other people dont think are there, and I steal from places other than home.

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