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Saving Lives with Drug Education

October 11, 2007 Leave a comment

Cocaine and CrackL. Ron Hubbard wrote, “Drug addicts have been found to have begun drug-taking because of physical suffering or hopelessness.”

The key to handling the drug problem is prevention. For this reason, IAS-sponsored awareness campaigns have been implemented to bring the truth about drugs to millions. Billboards, notices in magazines, radio announcements, posters, pamphlets and comprehensive booklets are making the real facts about drugs known.

Handing out Drug Prevention Booklets on the streetHighly effective booklets which explain the dangers of drugs have been funded by IAS grants and distributed by its members throughout Europe. They are a key component of the anti-drug campaign and are published in 15 languages with millions distributed. The booklets provide facts about many street drugs and are having a very positive impact on young people. Many have told volunteers that after reading one of the booklets they either stopped taking drugs or decided not to start in the first place.

Handing out Drug Prevention Booklets on the streetTo give parents and educators a better understanding of the drugs their children are exposed to, the Church of Scientology published Drugs and Children: What to do. The booklet describes the effects of drugs on children and how to communicate to young people about the dangers of drugs. These booklets have been funded by IAS grants and have been distributed as a public service by Churches of Scientology and individual members of the IAS throughout Europe.

Federal and local government officials and police have found the booklets to be an effective weapon they can use in their own efforts in the war on drugs. Business owners, police officers, doctors, nightclubs, schools, community newspapers, radio stations and anti-drug organizations have distributed the booklet.
Cocaine and Crack

Athletes, officials, school children and parents all across Europe also signed a pledge making a commitment to be drug-free.

As with many IAS-sponsored programs carried out by members, these small booklets are literally saving lives.